New Garmin Transponders Add ADS-B Solutions for G1000s

 - February 9, 2016, 10:58 AM
Garmin's new GTX series transponders offer an ADS-B OUT solution for G1000 and other avionics products.

Garmin today announced its ADS-B solution for G1000 avionics systems: the new GTX 335 and 345 transponders, which also will serve ADS-B OUT needs for a variety of Garmin products, including the G500/G600, GNS 430W/530W, GNS 480 and G3X Touch. The GTX is an all-in-one transponder and 1090-MHz ADS-B OUT unit; the GTX 345 offers dual-link (987 and 1090 MHz) ADS-B IN and the GTX 335 ADS-B OUT only. Both are also available as remote-mount transponders and fully integrate with G1000 systems. G1000-equipped turboprop aircraft that can be upgraded to ADS-B OUT capability using the new transponder include the Cessna Caravan, Daher TBM 700 through 900 and Piper Meridian. Even without a compatible cockpit-mounted display, the GTX 345 can display ADS-B traffic and weather, GPS position data and back-up attitude information on the Garmin Pilot and ForeFlight Mobile apps using Garmin’s Connext wireless technology. 

The panel-mount GTX units offer a pressure altitude readout, dedicated numeric squawk code buttons and a built-in timer. All of the GTX transponders can be equipped with an optional ADS-B OUT-compliant Waas/GPS source and an optional blind encoder, although the GPS source is only for ADS-B needs and doesn’t add Waas/LPV approach capability. The GTX transponders have already received FAA TSO approval and an approved model list STC is expected later this month, followed by EASA validation later this year. These panel-mount units fit into the same space as a Garmin GTX 330, but are an inch shorter.

Installations do not have to be done by aircraft OEM service centers and are available from Garmin dealers. The GTX 345 with Waas/GPS costs $5,795 and $4,995 without GPS; the GTX 335 with GPS is $3,795 and $2,995 without GPS.