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Harris Busy Delivering F-16 EW Systems

 - July 13, 2016, 3:20 PM

Harris Corporation has completed deliveries to Pakistan of its ALQ-211(v)9 advanced integrated defensive electronic warfare system (Aidews) pod for older-model F-16s. The company will begin delivering the pod to Turkey in about a month, said Andrew Dunn, Harris EW systems vice-president of international business development.

The v9 podded version of the system was derived from the ALQ-211(v)4, which fits into the aft equipment bay of GE-engined Block 50 and Pratt & Whitney-engined Block 52 models of the F-16.

The internal EW system cannot be fitted within older F-16s, but the podded and internal versions are card-compatible, supporting the system in mixed F-16 fleets, Dunn explained.

Over the past decade, Harris (Chalet C5) has sold more than 200 of the systems—which provide digital radar warning, high-power jamming, threat geolocation and situational awareness—to countries including Oman, Chile, Poland, Pakistan and Turkey.

The ALQ-11 family was originally developed by ITT, which spun off its defense and aerospace businesses as Exelis in 2011. Harris, based in Melbourne, Florida, then acquired Exelis in May 2015.

Pakistan’s requirement for 18 ALQ-211(v)9 pods represented the first production order for the system. The foreign military sale was authorized in 2011.

Harris (Chalet C5) is set to participate in pending U.S. foreign military sales to Bahrain, which is seeking up to 18 F-16s, as well as to Kuwait and Qatar, which are seeking F-18E/F Super Hornets and F-15E Strike Eagles, respectively. Harris supplies the ALQ-214 integrated defensive electronic countermeasures system of the F-18 and a weapons release system on the F-15.

Dunn said Harris is also seeing growth for the ALQ-11 system among countries that are buying F-16s being divested by other countries receiving the F-35 Lightning II.