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Concorde Battery Celebrates 40th Anniversary

 - March 9, 2017, 2:00 PM

Concorde Battery, which supplies more than 100 models of OEM and direct replacement valve-regulated, sealed lead-acid batteries, is celebrating its 40th anniversary as well as new approvals for battery installations.

Responding to customer concerns, Rotorcraft Support received FAA STC approval for installation of the 34-Ah Concorde RG-427 in the Bell 407 and 427 models. According to Concorde, the original equipment 28-Ah battery was not getting fully recharged during short-duration flight operations, which affected subsequent starting performance and shortened battery life. "The decrease in power also causes unnecessary wear on engine components," the company stated. "Air ambulance and oil and gas fleets conduct some of the highest cycle operations. These operators will realize an increase in starting power and improved performance after upgrading to the RG-427."

The Covina, California-based company, which launched battery manufacturing in that location 40 years ago, last year opened a new factory in Austell, Georgia. Earlier this year, the Georgia facility received FAA-PMA approval.

One of Concorde's specialties is designing batteries as drop-in replacements, so that no airframe modifications are required. Next on the techology roadmap for Concorde is a new line of lithium-ion batteries, according to the company, "that will provide the same record of reliability and safety that is expected of a Concorde battery."