Sun 'n Fun

Viper SD-4 LSA Makes U.S. Debut at Sun 'n' Fun 2017

 - April 4, 2017, 10:45 AM
The Viper SD-4 low wing, all-metal two-seat LSA is making its U.S. debut at Sun ‘n' Fun 2017. (Photo: Jim Koepnick, courtesy of Eagle Aircrafts)

Eagle International Aircrafts used the first day of the Sun ’n‘ Fun Fly-In to unveil that the FAA has approved its Viper SD-4 LSA in the U.S. market. The low-wing semi-monocoque aluminum aircraft manufactured in the Czech Republic is currently available for demo flights and for flight instruction out of Wayman Aviation at the North Perry Airport, near Fort Lauderdale, Florida.

“The Viper SD-4 is not a new airplane,” explained Adrian Lecky, general Mmanager, Eagle International Aircrafts. “It has proven its ruggedness and reliability as a light aircraft in Europe for a decade,” he continued.

The aircraft is configured for side-by-side seating, and is available with several instrument packages and interiors, from "comfortable" to "elegant." Lead-time is estimated at three months from order, allowing for an additional three to four weeks for shipping from Europe, according to Lecky. U.S. buyers can opt for the SLSA fully built airplane, ELSA (self-build, 80 percent complete kit) or Experimental kits (51 percent build).

Retail pricing starts at $89,000 for a basic analog aircraft with a utility cabin, Rotax 912 powerplant and 18 gallons' total fuel and extends to $169,000 for a glass cockpit, leather interior, 26 gallons' total fuel (648 nm range) and high-power Rotax 914 Si 115-hp engine. Standard equipment in the aircraft includes a BRS ballistic parachute.

“In the high-power configuration the airplane is powerful enough to tow light gliders,” said Lecky, explaining that the company provides a glider tow kit for the aircraft as optional equipment.

Wayman Luy, v-p Wayman Aviation, has two Viper SD-4s, one SLSA and one Experimental, on the flightline at his North Perry Florida, flight training facility. “We are using the experimental aircraft as a flight testbed for new avionics and accessories, and the SLSA is for sales demos and flight training,” he explained. “The LSA market is mature, here in the U.S. Pilots have confidence in the LSA, and LSAs are at the price point now that many would prefer to buy a new LSA to a 30-year-old certified Part 23 product.”