Sun 'n Fun

Career Fair at Sun ’n’ Fun Really Taking Off

 - April 5, 2017, 1:36 PM
Nearly 400 jobseekers signed up for the JSFirm career fair at Sun ’n’ Fun. (Photo: Amy Laboda)

It isn’t typical to see well-coifed young men and women in black business suits lining up in the Aerospace Center for Excellence Museum (formerly the Florida Air Museum), but then Wednesdays at Sun ’n’ Fun are becoming known for the anomaly. For four years in a row now, and Sun ’n’ Fun have teamed up to offer a career fair that is growing by leaps and bounds.

“We’ve had around 400 pre-register for the event,” said Abbey Hutter, marketing coordinator at, an aviation job service company. The museum hall was packed with potential job seekers April 5, and 14 companies were vying for their resumés, some offering signing bonuses.

Embraer Executive Jets brought both an HR recruiter and a stress engineer to the event.

“We are looking for A&P technicians and engineers, and we are harvesting a few good resumés, plus talking to a lot of students,” said Zachary Cooper, human resources recruiter for the company. “Embraer is offering several full time internships for the summer of 2017 in engineering and maintenance, and we are looking at students from Embry-Riddle Aeronautical University, University of Central Florida, Florida Tech, and Florida Polytechnic College for potential candidates,” he continued.

Amanda Natalzia, a logistics manager for local firm Draken International, was at the show collecting pilot and mechanic resumés. Draken supports the military with contract pilot services, R&D, weapons integration and testing, as well as providing civilian sales, leasing, manufacturing and MRO services. As a first timer at the career fair she was pleased to see the diversity represented.