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CloudAhoy Adds CFI Assistant Debrief Tool

 - July 23, 2017, 3:00 PM
The pilot received a score of 89 percent for flying a stabilized ILS approach, as shown by CloudAhoy's new CFI Assistant.

CloudAhoy will soon begin beta testing its new CFI Assistant feature, which allows users of the CloudAhoy debriefing app to set parameters for maneuvers and view a score of the pilot’s performance compared to the selected standards.

CloudAhoy records flight parameters based on the GPS signals from an external GPS or an iPad’s built-in GPS receiver. The app can also be used to debrief flights recorded by various devices such as some panel-installed avionics, moving-map apps and external GPS or ADS-B IN receivers. The more data recorded, such as data from AHRS sensors in some ADS-B IN receivers, the more accurate the debrief.

After a flight is added to CloudAhoy, it is analyzed against parameters such as weather, airport information, instrument approach procedures and flight maneuvers. Flights can be viewed in 2-D or 3-D, with overlays of aviation charts, terrain maps and satellite images, and also in a “view from the cockpit” animation. Video captured during the flight can be integrated with the flight and shown side-by-side with the flight debrief.

With the CFI Assistant, the user can set stability targets for final approach or use the CloudAhoy defaults for airspeed, vertical speed and pitch angle. After the flight, CloudAhoy assigns a score to the approach to show how closely the pilot matched the targets. It also shows airspeed and altitude above ground at the runway threshold crossing.

Another example would be setting airspeed and altitude targets for a steep turn, then viewing a score for that maneuver.

CloudAhoy costs $65 per year for the standard package, which includes all of the debrief features. A free version—CloudAhoy Track—is available and includes flight logging and viewing of flight tracks, but no debriefing capability.