Garmin Adds Features to GTN Navigators

 - November 10, 2017, 6:57 PM
Visual approaches are now available in Garmin's GTN 650/750 navigators.

After releasing a new visual approach feature in the upgraded G1000 NXi avionics suite in January, Garmin has added visual approach guidance to the GTN 650/750 touchscreen navigators. Other features in the latest GTN software upgrade include control and display of the GTX 3000 transponder and GTS 8000 TCAS II/ACAS II and LNAV+V approaches without space-based augmentation service.

The upgrade allows pilots to load a new visual approach procedure that provides advisory vertical guidance based either on a published glidepath angle or a three-degree glideslope that originates from the runway threshold. The visual approach takes into consideration terrain and obstacle clearance, according to Garmin, and helps pilots fly a stabilized approach.

The new LNAV+V capability offers advisory vertical guidance when flying an LNAV approach using the GTN 650/750, and this also aids in maintaining a stabilized approach.

Garmin now offers a simpler method of ADS-B compliance for aircraft equipped with certain third-party TCAS II/ACAS II systems, and this includes pairing a GTN 650/750 with a GTX 3000 mode-S extended squitter (ES) transponder. The combination also adds WAAS/LPV approach capability.

For aircraft equipped with Garmin’s GTS 8000 TCAS II/ACAS II, the GTN touchscreen can be used for display and control of the GTS 8000. This includes traffic overlaid on the GTN moving map and traffic page and Garmin’s TargetTrend technology. Garmin’s Correlated Location Enhanced ADS-B Receiver Collision Avoidance System (CLEAR CAS) “uses a blended surveillance method of active interrogation and passive reception of 1090 ES ADS-B data, reducing active interrogations by using intruder position data received via ADS-B-equipped aircraft,” the company explained.