Singapore Air Show

Collective Wisdom Displays its Ultralight Eagle Heli

 - February 7, 2018, 2:59 AM

Being displayed on the Collective Wisdom stand (C67) at the Singapore Airshow is the GHT Helicopters G-250 Eagle. The ultralight two-place helicopter has been flying for around four years, and its Aprilia, Italy-based manufacturer has appointed Zhuhai-based Collective Wisdom as a sales representative in China.

With a stylish design the G-250 looks the part, and it has a modern glass cockpit, but what really sets the Eagle apart from other helicopters in its class is its turboshaft engine. The PBS Velka Bites TS 100DA from the Czech Republic is a lightweight powerplant that develops 250hp, although it is derated to 150hp in the R-250 application.

With maximum fuel capacity of 34.3 US gal the R-250 has a range of 250nm. It can reach a 105kt top speed, and it has a 15,000-ft maximum operating altitude. The hover ceiling is 7,600ft out of ground effect.