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Concorde Battery Secures FAA Nod for Platinum Batteries

 - March 1, 2018, 10:00 AM

Concorde Battery (Booth N3207) of West Covina, California, recently received FAA STC approval to install its new Platinum Series RG-624 battery, which provides an 85-percent improvement in power for engine starts, in the MD Helicopters 369D/E/F/FF, 500N and 600N. Use of the battery will result in stronger starts, prolonged service life and reduced wear on the engine, according to Concorde. The RG0624 is a drop-in when replacing Concorde’s RG-500, RG-66-1 or RG-600-2 installed under SR00716SE or SR01564LA. The new STC is free for operators meeting these parameters.