Lufthansa Technik Offers AutoInspect for Engine Components

 - March 14, 2018, 11:59 AM

Lufthansa Technik AG recently industrialized AutoInspect, its in-house-developed automated inspection procedure for engine components. AutoInspect, which will be introduced for combustor components in CFM56 and CF34 engine families, is a procedure conducted by robots that perform digital crack inspections on engine components using "high end" sensors. The optical measurement procedure not only improves crack detection but also further increases process reliability.

"Thanks to the AutoInspect procedure, we now have repair-relevant information available in digital form for all components throughout their product life cycle. This makes our engine component repairs even more efficient and thus also benefits our customers," said Michael Ernst, Lufthansa Technik’s AutoInspect project manager.

The newly developed inspection procedure is now being made robust enough for industrial use. By mid-2018, Luthansa Technik AG expects to combine AutoInspect with AutoRep, its automated repair procedure, into a process chain.