Sun 'n Fun

ATP Places Repeat Mega Order for Piper Archers

 - April 10, 2018, 2:38 PM
This week at Sun 'n' Fun ATP signed an order for another 100 Piper Archers.

ATP Flight School placed a second order for 100 Piper Archer TXs on Tuesday at Sun ‘n Fun 2018. This is a follow-on order from ATP following its April 2013 commitment for 15 of the Piper piston-single trainers, with options for 85 more. Over the past five years, ATP has consistently exercised all of its options and taken delivery of Piper Archers each year, with the remainder of the first 100 to be delivered by October. It is now the largest Piper fleet operator in the world. 

ATP's second centenary order from Piper will bring its fleet to more than 400 aircraft. “As the leading provider of commercial pilots, this second 100-plane order will be invaluable in backing our commitment of providing airlines with a reliable pipeline of professionally trained pilots,” said ATP president Justin Dennis. “The Archer has shown itself to be a safe and trustworthy platform for our students, while its operational and technological flexibility makes it up to the task of addressing the airline pilot shortage.”

With 40 locations, ATP is the largest private flight school in the U.S. and a significant supplier of pilots to the nation’s regional airlines.