Sun 'n Fun

Drone Zone Features VR Headsets and Frst-person Views

 - April 12, 2018, 9:04 AM
A volunteer demoed the FPV headset control of a drone on the Sun ‘n Fun drone race course.

The rise of VR hit the world of drones at Sun ’n‘ Fun 2018. First-person view (FPV) flying is what turns the “trick” of figuring how to manage the controls on a drone into “look and go” technology. Modern FPV gear shares significant aspects of virtual reality VR headset technology. The small demo drones you can try out at the Drone Zone, located between the main flight line and Paradise City on the grounds of Sun ’n‘ Fun, let you look straight through the attached camera’s lens and see exactly what it sees.

Lakeland Linder Regional airport is now home to industrial drone manufacturer Griff Aviation, and AOPA gave a forum this week at the show on owning and operating drones legally in the U.S. airspace system. But the Drone Zone is where the fun is, so if you are at the show, take the time to wander over. You can play on a simulator, and if you’re good, try your hand at the racecourse. Who knows? You may just be a “drone nerd” in disguise?