EAA AirVenture

Seattle Avionics To Demo Slingshot Chart Update System

 - July 20, 2018, 4:09 PM

Seattle Avionics will be demonstrating a wireless ChartData update system called Slingshot that it says will save pilots a substantial amount of time as the system enables ChartData downloaded to the FlyQ EFB to be streamed directly over Wi-Fi to installed avionics, such as BendixKing's xVue and AeroVue. This process can be completed without the need for any additional downloads. The company is showing the system at EAA AirVenture with launch partner BendixKing’s xVue touchscreen display.

“Virtually all pilots fly with an iPad, even those with in-panel avionics. But until now, they had to download essentially the same data separately to their iPad app and their avionics system, wasting valuable time,” said Steve Podradchik, Seattle Avionics CEO. “Now with our patent-pending Slingshot technology, pilots save hours because FlyQ wirelessly streams its ChartData directly to avionics systems.” The Slingshot system is currently in beta testing and is expected to become available to customers soon.

According to Seattle Avionics, usage of the FlyQ EFB has increased by 62 percent this year over last year while FlyQ online usage has increased by 133 percent.

Seattle Avionics has also announced that it can support compatibility between the FlyQ EFB and the new Stratus 3 ADS-B receiver. The company worked with Appareo Aviation to ensure compatibility, and said Appareo president Kris Garberg, “This new connection will allow FlyQ customers to get Stratus’s proven reliability of GPS, traffic, and weather displayed on their favorite app." The Stratus 3 features auto shut-off and smart Wi-Fi, which allows an iPad or iPhone with a cellular connection to concurrently access the Internet and the Stratus.