AOPA Recruits Support in Continuing FBO Argument

 - July 25, 2018, 12:18 PM

Following the recent, near-total repudiation by the FAA on two Part 13 complaints by AOPA against two airports for what it deemed “egregious FBO fees and denial of airport access,” the organization is continuing to press its attack and has garnered support from 11 other groups, including Women in Aviation International, the American Bonanza Society, the Minnesota Seaplane Pilots Association, and the Maine Aeronautics Association.

AOPA’s manifesto lists publicly disclosed airport and FBO fees available online, access to and from parking ramps on reasonable terms, charted and fully disclosed public parking, competition among FBOs where practicable, and freedom from paying for unwanted services.

The National Air Transportation Association (NATA) noted that, to date, AOPA has identified only 13 out of the 5,136 public-use airports in the country where it sees a problem. NATA added that every FBO market is different, with specific local economic circumstances.

“Earlier this year, NATA launched Real FBO Facts, an ongoing initiative to educate the public on the economics of aviation businesses, the pricing of aeronautical services, industry consolidation, and the airport sponsor-tenant relationship,” said NATA president Marty Hiller. He added that his organization “remains focused on educating the public on the realities of running aviation businesses and collaborating to find solutions specific to each airport, instead of a universal approach that will not consider unique characteristics found at every airport.”