Australia Moves on New Genav Maintenance Rules

 - November 6, 2018, 11:35 AM

An analysis of feedback on a proposal to rewrite maintenance regulations for Australian-certified general aviation (GA) aircraft resulted in an overwhelming majority of comments saying that the new rules should be modeled after those of the U.S. FAA.

Earlier this year, the Civil Aviation Safety Agency (CASA) asked respondents to identify current challenges they experienced in GA maintenance and opportunities to improve Australia’s regulatory system. Respondents were also asked to consider how the U.S., New Zealand, Europe, and Canada approach GA maintenance.

All respondents identified issues with the existing regulations and indicated support for change to a simpler, more understandable, set of rules. Of the 63 industry respondents who indicated a preference for an international rule set, 49 respondents (78 percent) preferred the U.S. regulations and seven respondents (11 percent) stated a preference for the New Zealand regulations (which are broadly based on the U.S.).

“We will now work with an industry technical working group appointed by the CASA aviation safety advisory panel to work with the agency to determine the most effective way to proceed with development of the new regulatory structure,” the agency said. The draft of the proposed final rulemaking is scheduled to be issued for comments in the first quarter of next year.