Helicopter Instructor Sal Disi Dies in Cart Start Accident

 - January 16, 2019, 3:07 AM

Salvatore “Sal” Disi, 62, died the afternoon of January 10 as the result of an apparent aircraft accident at the Brooksville-Tampa Bay Florida Regional Airport (KBKV) that involved trying to start a 1993 Bell 230 with a ground power cart near a hangar.

Disi was standing outside the aircraft at the time of the accident and was struck by the aircraft’s main rotor blades. Post-accident news photos from the scene show clear damage to the helicopter’s rotor blade tips.Witnesses reported that the helicopter briefly became airborne and then settled.

The helicopter is used by Dr. Alfred Bonati, who was reported on scene at the time. Disi was a well regarded fixture in the local aviation community for many years, was licensed to fly airplanes and helicopters, and held multiple certificates, including ATP, A&P, and CFI. Hernando County Sheriff Al Neinhuis called Disi “an acquaintance of my family for many years. He was a good man.” Multiple agencies are expected to investigate.