FlightSafety Reveals New Training, Technology

 - April 19, 2019, 1:12 PM

FlightSafety International has announced several new training capabilities, including a significant expansion of the training programs for the Sikorsky S-70, a new Vital 1150 image-generation visual system, and new technology that integrates its mixed reality and Vital 1100 visual systems into cockpit procedures trainers.

It now offers FAA-approved IFR training in a Sikorsky S-70 level-D qualified simulator, including unrestricted S-70 type rating, ATP courses, FAR 61.58 pilot in command proficiency checks, and a new FAA-approved S-70A VFR variant course. The S70 and S-70i simulators are capable of replicating scenarios such as major systems failures, heavy icing, and power loss under hot-and-high conditions.

They are also configured for firefighting operations, including belly tank/snorkel and Bambi Bucket external loads with emergency jettison. The Vital 1100 visual system in the S-70i simulator presents scenes that accurately depict firefighting scenarios tailored to the specific area of operations. In addition, the simulators are equipped for night vision goggle (NVG) training and NVG goggles and helmets are provided during simulator training.

Military pilots with Sikorsky UH-60 Black Hawk experience can now earn an S-70 FAA type rating and ATP through an abbreviated course. Course funding may be available through the U.S. Department of Veterans Affairs. FlightSafety has been a factory-authorized Sikorsky training provider for almost 25 years and provides S-70 pilot, maintenance manager, and maintenance technician training with full flight simulators, production aircraft maintenance trainers and the Matrix integrated training system.

The company also introduced its new Vital 1150 image-generation system. Vital 1150 can render normal rates of 120Hz with up to 8K resolution, providing accurate representations of real-world visual environments and can process and display scenes at high speeds and resolutions. The system incorporates advanced rendering techniques for enhanced weather scenarios including new cloud simulations.

It is also designed to directly connect and interact with network protocols used in distributed mission operations, including live virtual and constructive training exercises. Vital 1150 can be used with FlightSafety’s immersive mixed-reality system, unmanned systems, and NVG training. It can adjust projector features in real time in conjunction with image adjustments within the image generator to provide realistic night and NVG environments. The system supports multiple classes of NVG equipment and drives dedicated infrared channels when paired with compatible projectors.

New FlightSafety technology now integrates its mixed-reality and Vital 1100 visual systems into cockpit procedures trainers (CPTs). Pilots will see and interact with the actual instrumentation and controls of the CPT while viewing FlightSafety’s VITAL 1100 real-time imagery on a display. This is accomplished through a headset integrated with the visual system and equipped with a 3 Megapixel pass-thru camera.

Mixed-reality equipped CPTs can be used for basic cockpit system and feature familiarization, checklist orientation, engine start procedures, and simulation, malfunction identification and corrective procedures, taxi maneuvers in a fixed-wing aircraft and hover in rotary wing aircraft, local area orientation and navigation, traffic patterns, and pitch and power settings.

“Integrating FlightSafety’s immersive mixed-reality capability and Vital 1100 visual system will significantly increase the effectiveness and efficiency of cockpit procedures trainers,” said Jim Wheeler, general manager for visual systems. “This integration can be easily performed on the majority of existing CPTs. It will enable flight crews to complete a wide variety of training objectives that would typically be done in higher-level training devices such as operational flight trainers and full flight simulators.”