HeliOffShore Safety Program Drawing Fresh Support

 - May 6, 2019, 9:44 AM

HeliOffshore's Safety Intelligence Program (HSIP) could draw financial support from the International Association of Oil & Gas Producers’ (IOGP) proposed new Joint Industry Project (JIP) to fund safety programs in the upstream energy business, HeliOffshore announced at its annual conference over the weekend. Currently under review, the proposed project could result in a £600,000 ($785,000) investment toward safety programs, HeliOffshore added. Initially, the JIP would support HSIP, as well as operational effectiveness workstream projects such as evidence-based training, pilot eye-tracking research, a new weather and rig location trial, and human hazard analysis training and support work.

HSIP is now gathering operational data from operators that collectively account for around 85 percent of the global offshore helicopter fleet. HeliOffshore’s Safety Steering Group has given approval to expand the program to include flight data monitoring data for full flights and all parameters. The HSIP team is finalizing a new industry report that will give a summary of the sector’s safety performance.