EmbraerX Unveils New Concept eVTOL

 - June 11, 2019, 11:42 AM

Melbourne, Florida-based EmbraerX unveiled its revised concept urban air mobility vehicle at this morning’s Uber Elevate Summit in Washington, D.C. The vehicle features a pair of aft ducted fans and eight lift rotors. The disruptive technology arm of Brazilian airframer Embraer said the new concept vehicle resulted from a “broad range of tests and simulations, aiming at operational optimization for the urban environment” with high reliability, low operating costs, and low noise signature. The vehicle is fully electric and “progressively autonomous.” 

“Embraer’s team focused on the customer experience with its latest vehicle concept, using built-in redundant systems to achieve optimal safety,” said Uber Aviation engineering director Mark Moore. Besides working on concept eVTOL designs, EmbraerX said it is working on other aspects of the eVTOL ecosystem, including air space design and air traffic control.

EmbraerX is part of the Uber Elevate Network that is fashioning an integrated, on-demand urban air mobility system. Embraer calls EmbraerX a “market accelerator.” In addition to its Melbourne facility, EmbraerX has “outposts” in California’s Silicon Valley and in Boston and also coordinates its activities with Embraer’s engineering resources in Brazil.