EAA AirVenture

ForeFlight Offering New Sentry Mini Receiver at AirVenture

 - July 22, 2019, 5:10 PM
Foreflight has added the Sentry Min to its Sentry line of ADS-B receivers.

Foreflight has announced the Sentry Mini, the newest addition to the Sentry line of ADS-B In receivers. Priced at $299, the Sentry Mini is available for sale now at the ForeFlight booth at EAA AirVenture. Important features include a dual-band ADS-B receiver that displays weather and traffic through the ForeFlight Mobile app; built-in WAAS GPS that displays GPS position; and Weather Replay, which records an animated radar replay. The Sentry Mini can connect with as many as five devices, and over-the-air firmware updates are available via the ForeFlight Mobile app.

“With Sentry Mini, ForeFlight customers have access to essential inflight weather, traffic and GPS information in a surprisingly compact device,” said ForeFlight co-founder and CEO Tyson Weihs.

ForeFlight teamed with Montana-based uAvionix to design and manufacture the Mini. “It is now well established that the use of ADS-B In significantly enhances the safety of each and every flight. Sentry or Sentry Mini should be in each and every flight bag and cockpit,” said uAvionix CEO Paul Beard.

Sentry Mini supports animated Nexrad, Metars, TAFs, Airmets/Sigmet, Pireps, winds and temperatures aloft, TFRs, Notams, SUA information, turbulence, lightning, cloud tops, and weather advisories from air traffic control centers. It also can receive air-to-air traffic info from ADS-B Out-equipped aircraft and rebroadcast traffic information from FAA ground towers (ADS-R and TIS-B).