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Redbird Making It Easier To Earn Instrument Ticket

 - July 22, 2019, 6:35 AM

Redbird Flight Simulations has announced its accelerated Guided Instrument Flight Training (GIFT) instrument rating program, the latest addition to the GIFT product line. At a reception yesterday at EAA AirVenture, the company said the new product helps pilots advance faster and more cost-effectively through to their instrument rating.

Sales representative Alex DeBlaze explained how the program enables an instructor to work with a student on any of hundreds of variations, including mission-specific procedures, such as an ILS at his or her home base airport. “Then the student can practice the approach repeatedly in the simulator, without the instructor, and then review progress,” he said. The GIFT instrument rating program also has a revamped “video-game-like” scoring system designed to entice students to improve their scores.

Redbird also announced Corvus, a new ADS-B element in its training, enabling connectivity with electronic flight bag (EFB) applications such as Garmin Pilot and ForeFlight. The simulator provides data akin to what an ADS-B receiver delivers to the EFB. It represents own-ship positioning of the simulated aircraft, as well as broadcasting AHRS information and TIS-B traffic data.

Also new from Redbird is an application rehost of the Pro Line Fusion avionics system for selected Redbird devices. It combines Redbird’s aircraft-specific hardware with a rehost of the Collins Pro Line Fusion software for an affordable option in training for advanced avionics.