Satcom Tested for Civil UAS Beyond-line-of-sight Ops

 - July 31, 2019, 2:03 PM

Satcom service provider AirSatOne (ASO) has completed testing Cobham’s Aviator UAV 200 satcom terminal with Inertial Labs’ INS-P GPS-aided inertial navigation system. The UAV 200 was specifically designed to provide UASs with satcom connectivity for beyond-line-of-sight (BLOS) operations, which can be used for remote piloting and to provide video feed for surveillance and situational awareness.

The Cobham terminal is designed with a low-gain, electronically-steered antenna that allows for Inmarsat hemisphere coverage to 5 degrees elevation by using external navigation data. To support this, Inertial Labs equipped its INS-P with a UAV 200-compliant data format. Upon UAV system’s initialization, the Inertial Labs INS-P indicated 3D orientation, velocity as well as latitude and longitude using its IMU (1 deg/hr gyro), precision GNSS receiver and gyro-compensated Fluxgate magnetic compass.

During testing, Inertial Labs reported that connectivity remained stable with no interruptions while rotating 360 degrees, during pitch variations of greater than plus or minus 45 degrees, and roll values up to 45 degrees. Reported accuracy was position within one meter, heading variation less than 0.2 degrees, and pitch and roll variation of less than one degree.