Outlerlink Adds Analytics To IRIS

 - November 6, 2019, 12:03 PM

Outerlink has added a cloud-based flight analytics system for its IRIS combined voice, video, and flight-data monitoring system. IRIS provides military-style situational awareness by providing an uninterrupted connection, constant communication, and push-to-talk VOIP (voice over internet protocol) radio, enabling operators to communicate with one aircraft or an entire fleet worldwide. 

The cloud service gives users access to critical flight data and organizes pre-defined events in clear formats, allowing operators to prioritize data points used to identify trends and training opportunities. In addition to the cloud launch, IRIS recently received several additional updates including improved push-to-talk voice quality, better side-tone, greater internal battery reliability, and a reduction of approximately 30 percent in data usage via more efficient protocols.

Over the last year, Outerlink has sold and installed 77 IRIS systems, including 100 percent of the fleet of parent company Metro Aviation, which has seen “exponential gains” in reliability. Other air medical programs, including Phoenix Heli-Flight, Avera McKennan, and Boston Medflight also use IRIS. More than 300 IRIS units have been sold worldwide.