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Genesys Aerosystems Unveils Digital Radios

 - January 23, 2020, 10:37 AM

Genesys Aerosystems has developed its own line of digital radios for application in any aviation segment, including special-mission operators and a variety of civil helicopters and airplanes. The digital radios, the first-ever designed and manufactured by Mineral Wells, Texas-based Genesys, can be integrated with its displays and avionics or serve as standalone units.

The Genesys Digital Radio (GDR) family consists of remote-mount, software-definable VHF com and nav radios, with optional embedded 225-400 MHz UHF. Frequencies for com radios range from 118-136 MHz and 118-156 MHz, with 25- or 8.33-MHz frequency spacing and transmit power of 16 or 25 watts. Nav functions include VOR/localizer/glideslope and marker beacon. The GDRs interface with a host controller/display unit, which controls com and nav functions via RS-232, RS-422, or Arinc 429 protocols.

The new radios meet software design assurance level A and Mil-STD 704E and 810G, according to Genesys, “accommodating all segments of the aviation market.” In addition to electronic flight displays, Genesys also manufactures autopilots and sensors.

With radios in its product line, Genesys (established from the former S-Tec and Chelton Flight Systems businesses) can now offer fully integrated avionics systems. “The GDR is a powerful radio line that is customizable and is the perfect complement to our avionics suite, including our EFIS, autopilot, and sensor product lines,” said business development v-p Gordon Pratt.