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R22 Converted To Long-Range Drone

 - January 24, 2020, 3:00 PM
UVH R22, an unmanned delivery drone, has a payload capacity of 400 pounds.

Unmanned systems developer UAVOS has converted a Robinson R22 helicopter into a long-range cargo delivery drone, designation UVH R22. The unmanned aircraft has a payload capacity of 400 pounds (at reduced fuel loads), a maximum full-fuel range of 551 nm, and an endurance of six hours. UAVOS CEO Aliaksei Stratsilatau said the R22’s night and all-weather capabilities make it ideal for cargo delivery.

“Cargo companies make money only when that cargo gets to its destination, and our R22 is their guarantee at any time, and in any weather conditions, which makes it a very attractive,” he said. The company added that the aircraft is ideal not just for ordinary cargo but for disaster and humanitarian relief payloads such as food, fuel, water, supplies, medicine, communications, and even electrical power. 

The UVH R22 has fully automatic takeoff and landing modes, cruises at 86 knots, and has a maximum takeoff weight of 1,400 pounds and a service ceiling of 13,700 feet. Payload with 71 gallons' full fuel is 88 pounds. A level surface of at least 50 by 50 feet is required for operations. In addition to delivery duties, the aircraft can be configured for agricultural applications, radio relay, video surveillance, and airborne data collection such as meteorology, hydrology, and earth monitoring.