Coptersafety Qualifies AW139 Sim To Level-D

 - June 8, 2020, 10:39 AM
Coptersafety's in-house team can model different visual environments in known locations for the company's AW139 simulator.

Helsinki-based Coptersafety has received level-D qualification from the FAA for its CAE-built AW139 full-flight simulator. “With the addition of FAA-qualified full-flight simulators, customers can focus on pilot training in a simulator with the highest level of qualification and capabilities,” said Matthew Presnal, Coptersafety’s regulatory compliance and engineering services manager for FAA programs.

The simulator facilitates training for tasks including airborne radar approaches, offshore standard approach procedures, and night vision goggle use. Coptersafety’s AW139 simulator is equipped with phase 5 avionics that can be configured to customer needs, regardless of mission type or weather scenario. Immersive training features include cockpit vibration, smoke generation, 3D clouds, and night scenes. Scenarios can be taken from known geographical locations and landing sites. Different visual environments in known locations can be modeled by Coptersafety’s in-house team based on customer requests.

Coptersafety offers a full range of flight and mission training courses, as well as tailored training packages for helicopter emergency and medical services, search and rescue, offshore, and aerial work operators. The company offers simulator training for Airbus H125 and H145 helicopters, in addition to the Leonardo AW139. It plans to add a level-D simulator for the AW169 later this year.