Garmin Adds TXi Compatibility for Meridian, SR22

 - July 15, 2020, 8:33 AM

Piper Meridian and Cirrus SR20/22 owners now have the option of new functionality when installing Garmin’s G500 and G600 TXi flight displays.

For the SR20/22, owners can replace original round gauges or Avidyne displays with the TXi 500 and add the TXi’s engine indication system (EIS). This can include percent power display, information for turbocharged engines, and support for electrical gauges displaying up to six parameters, according to Garmin.

Garmin also announced that the Piper Meridian can take advantage of Pratt & Whitney PT6A turboprop engine display compatibility with the G500 and G600 TXi displays. EIS information fits on either the PFD or MFD TXi display, and for turbine-powered airplanes includes engine timers, exceedance recordings, dynamic engine indications, and wireless data logging.

When upgrading to the 10.6-inch TXi display, pilots can customize the layout of the multifunction display (MFD). With EIS information on a 20 percent strip on either side of the display, the pilot can select a moving-map for the remaining 80 percent, or split that into two panes, one with the moving-map and the other with an approach chart. 

TXi displays are now compatible with Avidyne’s DFC90 autopilot, although Garmin is adding the SR22/22T to its GFC 500 approval list later this year. For SR20/22 models equipped with the DFC90 autopilot, the TXi display upgrade adds mode annunciation and full bug synchronization on the primary flight display (PFD). If the aircraft has two sources of AHRS data, the DFC90 can use either one in case one fails, and this is pilot-selectable.

There are more new features with the TXi upgrade, such as automatic GPS-to-LOC switching when the displays are paired with a GTN series navigator and GFC 500 autopilot; fuel quantity display for up to six fuel tanks and compatibility with CiES fuel sensors; vacuum gauge for aircraft with vacuum pumps; and configuration of TXi EIS bar gauges to display a digital value for piston-powered aircraft.