FAA Certifies AV-30-C Multi-mode Instrument

 - September 21, 2020, 4:44 PM

The uAvionix AV-30-C digital multi-mode instrument is now FAA approved for installation in certified aircraft. Mounting from behind the panel in a standard 3.125-in instrument hole; the AV-30-C can replace an airplane’s vacuum system when two of the multi-mode instruments are installed. An approved model list STC covers installation of the AV-30-C in hundreds of aircraft models.

For added utility, the AV-30-C also integrates with uAvionix’s tailBeaconX ADS-B Out transponder, setting transponder codes and modes. Each AV-30-C retails for $1,995 and contains its own inertial and pressure sensors so it can be field configured as either an attitude indicator (AI) or heading indicator/directional gyro (DG) although not as a horizontal situation indicator. It can also be swapped between AI and DG modes with a press and hold of the rotary knob but only when not installed as a required instrument.

The pilot interface is not touchscreen control; the AV-30-C uses two buttons and a rotary knob for various selections. In its basic mode, it displays as an AI with primary attitude and slip or as a DG with airplane direction always displayed. The pilot can add supplemental textual and graphical overlays on portions of the instrument that are not used for the primary functions.

The uAvionix AV-30-C attitude indicator is certified for installation in hundreds of aircraft models.

These include functions such as indicated airspeed, altitude, V-speeds, derived angle of attack, vertical speed, set altitude, heading, bus voltage, g load, outside air temperature, true airspeed, density altitude, a variety of navigation information, and alerting for angle of attack, g limit, and excessive roll, among others. The built-in lithium-ion battery lasts for two hours and provides at least 30 minutes of operation in all temperature conditions, according to uAvionix.

The AV-30-C directional gyro.

While the AV-30-C doesn’t support vertical navigation or setting minimum altitudes for instrument approaches, uAvionix director of sales Shane Woodson told AIN that “it’s on our radar.”

To try out the AV-30-C, prospective buyers can download a simulator from the company website and view all the available functions.