Hill Unveils HX50 Helo Interior

 - September 24, 2020, 1:06 PM
A month after UK-based Hill Helicopters showed off the exterior of the newly-designed HX50 light single turbine, the company provided its first glimpse of the interior, showing off its luxury automobile-style cabin.

After Hill Helicopters unveiled the exterior design for its five-seat, HX50 turbine single last month, the UK-based manufacturer has now revealed the new helicopter's interior. It features “redesigned flight controls, a full glass instrument panel, large windows and skylights, comfortable leather seating, and opulent finishes,” according to the company. 

“Traditional helicopters were designed to be utilitarian, with comfort as an afterthought. The HX50’s interior design is built around experience and comfort in the same manner as premium automobiles,” said Hill Helicopters CEO Jason Hill. 

All five aircraft seats are identical, covered in two-tone napa leather, have drink holders, USB ports, and four-point harnesses. The rear seats are elevated, providing passengers with improved views over the front seats. Climate control and Bluetooth connectivity are provided throughout the cabin. Headset holders and jacks for Bose ANR headsets are integrated into the seat headrests.

On the flight deck, the collective moves forward and aft which allows for the addition of a pilot armrest. The integrated pilot interface (IPI) is located immediately adjacent to the collective, providing dial and numerical keypads to operate navigation, autopilot, and communications. The cyclic is integrated with the instrument panel and dual controls are available for the copilot.