Bell 407GXi Gives Aeromed Operator SE/SPIFR Capability

 - October 2, 2020, 3:19 PM

Corpus Christi, Texas-based air ambulance operator Halo-Flight has begun operating a Bell 407GXi single engine, single pilot IFR (SPIFR). It is the first air ambulance operator to do so. The aircraft is equipped with Garmin G1000H NXi avionics, three-axis autopilot, wireless connectivity, and a Rolls Royce 250-C47E/4 engine (862 shp uninstalled thermodynamic capacity). 

Founded in 1987, non-profit Halo-Flight serves a 28,000-sq-mi area in South Texas from bases in Corpus Christi, Alice, and Beeville. In addition to the 407GXi, the company already operates four other Bells—three 407s and a 429 light twin. Halo-Flight has made numerous upgrades to its legacy fleet over the years, including the installation of ballistic windshields and HeliSas two-axis autopilot. 

Halo-Flight’s 407GXi is equipped with a medical package that includes Helifab articulated EMS litter and medical oxygen system, Lexan patient/pilot guard, single pump medical vacuum, and onboard 500-watt 115V and 120V shore power systems. Halo-Flight and Bell announced the order of the 407GXi in February at Heli-Expo.

“We are proud to add an IFR-configured Bell 407GXi helicopter to our current fleet. This aircraft will be extremely beneficial for our EMS missions and allow us to reach our patients in all weather conditions,” said Halo-Flight executive director Tom Klassen.