Calgary Airport Covid-19 Test Program Opened to Genav

 - November 4, 2020, 8:48 AM

Certain on-demand and general aviation (GA) operators are now eligible to participate in a limited Covid-19 testing program at Canada’s Calgary International Airport. Under the program, arriving international travelers will be allowed to quarantine for less than the normal 14 days provided they test negative for Covid-19 and they commit to program-outlined testing measures.

For charter passengers and crews to qualify for the program, flights must have originated at a commercial passenger terminal. Charter flights that originate from their own hangars or an FBO would be considered GA flights.

The program guidelines require GA operators to deplane at their hangar or FBO and be responsible for arranging a shuttle to the main terminal, where they would join the program line with airline passengers. After they clear the pilot program, travelers would need to arrange transportation to return to their hangar or FBO.

Operators can register for the program up to five days before arriving. The Canadian Business Aviation Association said it was instrumental in obtaining approval to allow GA participation.