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TallyHo App Offers Operators Menu of Service Providers

 - December 3, 2020, 5:33 PM

TallyHo Apps has launched the beta version of its smartphone and tablet application of the same name, which provides information on more than 60 general aviation service providers offering more than 330 service types at or near some of the busiest airports in the U.S. The free app, available at the Apple App Store and Google Play, has already been downloaded by 1,000 general aviation users.

Users of the app can locate service providers and communicate with, assess, rate, and review them. Service providers listed on the app include airframe and engine maintenance, avionics, paint and interior, aircraft detailing, and catering, as well as ownership services such as aviation attorneys, accountants, brokers, and consultants.

The app is supported by a monthly or annual subscription fee from service providers. A companion app allows service providers to input their information, establish accounts, pay subscription fees, and list capabilities.

“TallyHo provides a very interactive and engaging experience while allowing service providers to highlight their most defining features to attract and retain new customers,” said TallyHo Apps founder and CEO Byron Severson. “TallyHo helps [owners and operators] connect with service providers as quickly as possible and facilitates their informed decision making. We expect to continue rapidly growing our subscriber base and to provide an awareness of a broad array of service options wherever an aircraft might operate.”