New ASTM Standard Addresses Small Airplane Load Data

 - January 29, 2021, 9:47 AM

ASTM International has developed a new standard it said will help determine load data for small airplanes. Developed by its general aviation aircraft committee, the new standard will be published as F3498.

Aircraft manufacturers will use the new standard to certify new designs, aircraft MROs to certify changes to aircraft, and regulatory agencies in approving changes by applicants, according to ASTM member A.K.M. Haque. “Fatigue load spectra generated using this practice can be used on small airplanes,” said Haque, a Textron Aviation senior engineer specialist. “It does not depend on the materials used to build the wing and/or empennage, the stabilizing surfaces on an aircraft’s tail.”

He added that the standard defines overall fatigue load spectra for a conventionally designed wing or empennage. It can be used for airplanes powered by any type of clean energy.