GI 275 Simplifies Avionics Upgrades in Part 27 Helos

 - March 26, 2021, 11:00 AM

Garmin’s GI 275 electronic flight instruments are a simple way to replace older analog flight instruments, mounting from the rear of the instrument panel in standard 3.125-inch instrument holes. GI 275 units are controlled via touchscreen and dual concentric knobs. 

For Part 27 helicopters, GI 275 installations include the GI 275 as a course-deviation indicator (CDI), radar altimeter display, and multifunction display (MFD). According to Garmin, “The GI 275 has completed stringent helicopter vibration and temperature testing, demonstrating it can withstand the harsh operating environments encountered by helicopters.” Further approvals under FAA supplemental type certificates will allow the GI 275 to replace attitude and horizontal situation indicators. Availability of the GI 275 for rotorcraft is expected in the second quarter of this year. 

For CDI installations, the GI 275 can interface with legacy navigators, thanks to its built-in omnibearing resolver. It can also accept up to two GPS and two VHF nav sources and can display vertical and lateral GPS, VOC/LOC, and glideslope deviation. 

The MFD installation enables the display of moving maps, flight data, weather, traffic, Garmin SafeTaxi airport diagrams, and radar altimeter information.

The GI 275 also includes built-in Wi-Fi so database updates can be transferred wirelessly to a single GI 275 or synced with multiple units installed in an aircraft. The Wi-Fi capability also enables sharing of GPS position and backup attitude information with the Garmin Pilot app.