FAA Approves RealSimGear Simulator as BATD

 - July 9, 2021, 2:53 PM

The FAA has issued basic aviation training device (BATD) approval for RealSimGear’s flight simulator with aircraft models developed by TorqueSim. The RealSimGear BATD features realistic displays and controls that mirror modern airplanes with Garmin avionics such as the Cessna 172/182 and Piper Archer TX with G1000 avionics and Cirrus SR20, SR22, and SR22T with Perspective avionics.

Running on the X-Plane 11 platform, the RealSimGear BATD includes real switches, knobs, and buttons, allowing pilots to practice flying without distracting workarounds found on traditional desktop simulators. The BATDs give pilots a more realistic experience and reinforce proper equipment usage while practicing flight maneuvers and instrument procedures.

Because the RealSimGear device is a BATD, it can be used for logging IFR currency. When it's operated with a flight instructor, some simulated flight time can be logged toward a private pilot license or instrument rating.

BATD packages include the RealSimGear hardware, a PC optimized for flight simulation, a 49-inch curved monitor, X-Plane 11 Professional, and other hardware. The 172/182 BATD retails for $12,999 and comes with a Honeycomb Alpha yoke and Logitech throttle and rudder pedals. The Cirrus BATD starts at $14,999 and includes a GCU PFD controller. A more expensive version at $17,999 is under development and will have a Cirrus-style yoke control and throttle instead of a Thrustmaster sidestick and Logitech throttle.