Vita Delivers Helo Load Stabilization System to Ukraine

 - April 26, 2022, 10:22 AM
Vita Inclinata's Vita Rescue System—which autonomously mitigates litter basket swinging and spinning during hoist operations, reducing medevac rescue times—has been delivered to forces in Ukraine. (Photo: Vita Inclinata)

The CEO of Vita Inclinata has delivered the company’s Vita Rescue System (VRS) for helicopter rescue load stabilization into an active war zone in Ukraine. VRS autonomously mitigates litter basket swinging and spinning during hoist operations, accounting for winds, rotor downwash, and environmental conditions. Using VRS can reduce medevac hoisting times from 20 minutes to two, according to the company.

Vita CEO Caleb Carr and co-worker Scott Slack—in cooperation with the Ukrainian Ministry of Internal Affairs and the State Emergency Service—hand-delivered the system earlier this month via automobile from Poland for use on a Ukranian-operated medevac Mil Mi-8 twin-turbine helicopter in Uzhgorod. Ukraine has requested 30 VRS systems for use by helicopter fire and rescue units. 

Carr founded Colorado-based Vita in 2015. VRS system technology can be applied to helicopters, fixed-wing aircraft, and cranes for search-and-rescue, military, firefighting, public safety, construction, wind energy, and oil-and-gas missions, among others. "Every defense organization, company, and individual has a responsibility to support people in need,” said Carr. “If we can insert technology in Ukraine to help win this fight and save civilians' lives, let's do it!”