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P&WC Offering New Engine Exchange, Videos

 - May 24, 2022, 1:33 AM
Pratt & Whitney Canada arrived at EBACE 2022 with announcements regarding a new engine exchange program and new support services. (Photo: Pratt & Whitney)

Pratt & Whitney Canada (P&WC) unveiled a new engine exchange program, fresh videos for operators and maintainers of its PT6E-67XP turboprop engine, and a major new customer for its carbon offset program at EBACE 2022. 

The company has expanded its portfolio of P&WC Smart MRO offerings for its business jet engines to include a flat-rate “zero time since overhaul” (0-TSO) engine exchange for PW615F-A engines on the Cessna Citation Mustang. “This is the first time we have extended our suite of P&WC Smart solutions to customers of our turbofan engines,” said P&WC v-p of customer service Irene Makris.

P&WC's exchange option allows customers to avoid having to rent an engine and the corresponding removal and installation. Installing the 0-TSO exchange engine reduces downtime in the shop to just a “few days,” according to P&WC.

Makris said the company developed the exchange solution in consultation with customers. The P&WC Smart portfolio launched in 2014 and encompasses solutions for business jet engines and more than 30 different offerings for PT6A and P&WC-powered helicopters and regional aircraft.

P&WC also announced the launch of a new video operating and maintenance series for its PT6E-67XP turboprop engine that powers the Pilatus PC-12 NGX, which entered service in 2020. The videos cover the use of intuitive engine controls—including the dual-channel “single lever” integrated propeller and engine control system—and use of the Data Collection and Transmission Unit (DCTU), which wirelessly transmits full-flight engine data shortly after landing and shutdown to a P&WC services team.

DCTU data can also be used by the operator’s maintainer to view parameters, events, exceedances and faults; retrieve diagnostics data; monitor the engine’s health status; perform live diagnostics and test transmissions, and change engine modules using barcode scanning. 

The videos, “along with the Data Collection Transmission Unit (DCTU) app, that is now available for download on the Apple iOS App Store, are examples of our commitment to meeting customers’ needs with innovative customer service solutions that help optimize management of their engine assets,” said P&WC v-p of general aviation Nicholas Kanellias.  

Additionally, P&WC reported a new customer of its Carbon Offset Service (COS). COS, which is part of P&WC's Eagle Services Plan (ESP) and Fleet Management Plan (FMP), estimates and compensates the aircraft’s emissions by sourcing high-quality carbon offset credits from South Pole—a provider of environmentally sustainable initiatives that benefit local communities via clean water access, renewable energy, and forest conservation projects. 

European fractional operator JetFly—which operates a fleet of 40 PC-12s, as well as 10 PC-24s—recently enrolled its entire fleet of P&WC PT6 engines that are already on ESP into COS. 

“Environmental responsibility is important for JetFly and for our customers. We view the Carbon Offset Service as a simple, elegant means of compensating the emissions of our flights,” said JetFly CEO Cédric Lescop. “It also fits within our sustainability goals and this is one of the reasons why we also fly PT6A and PT6E-powered aircraft—they are reliable and fuel-efficient engines. We are also strong proponents of the ESP program, which allows us to accurately plan and manage our maintenance costs while achieving greater sustainability.”