News and information on safety procedures and concerns.

Regulations and Government

EASA Could Increase Pilot Age Limit For HEMS Operations

The air safety agency has submitted its official Opinion on possible rule changes to the European Commission

FlightAware Adds Helicopters to Global Tracking Service

New technology enables tracking of hard-to-find helicopters
FlightAware Global for Helicopters

AviationManuals Integrates Safety Tool With GE's FOQA Data

Incident hazard report will be filled out automatically
Aviation Manuals

NBAA Opens on Inspiration of Sports, Space, and Safety

Steffi Graf and Andre Agassi describe their passion for aviation
NBAA-BACE 2023 opening session
Regulations and Government

UK Bizav Association Names New Ops Chair

Gama Aviation executive Paul Cremer is taking over as chair from Wally Epton
Gama Aviation's head of aviation delivery Paul Cremer

Aircraft Operators Face Multiple Risks Around Israel's Airspace

Missiles pose a threat to aircraft at all altitudes, warn security analysts
Airspace within a 200 nm radius of Tel Aviv is now viewed as being at risk.
Training and Workforce

NGPA at Forefront of Industry's Struggle for More Diversity

The NGPA claims to have 5,000 active members and 11,000 supporters in its network.
NGPA event

Wyvern Awards Flight Leader Certificate to Sun Air Jets

Wyvern's collaborative safety program gains popularity
Abstract bizjet image

Baldwin Adds Features to Safety Management System

Mapping, FDM/FOQA data integration now included in Baldwin SMS
Baldwin Safety & Compliance Mapping Feature

MedAire Clients Get More Direct Control of Security Information

Live demos of digital assessment kit for inflight medical emergencies at NBAA-BACE
MedAire's presents security data to via its main portal and mobilie app

IBAC To Offer New IS-BAO Workshop Format in 2024

Initial and recurrent special advance bookings available for IS-BAO workshops at NBAA-BACE
six steps to IS-BAO registration

Argus Unveils Customizable SMS Platform

Prism SMS is for all types of organizations and all sizes
Argus Prism

APS Spotlights Training Collaboration To Address Loss of Control Inflight

Initiative aims to improve operational safety
APS loss of control simulation

NBAA Safety Committee Address Concern Over Near Collisions

Recent incidents have highlighted a need for increased safety vigilance
Doug Carr, NBAA’s senior v-p of safety, security, sustainability, and international operations

Portside Acquires Baldwin Safety & Compliance

Baldwin adds a suite of safety products to Portside's technology, software offerings
Don and Nancy Baldwin (Photo: Portside)

China Approves EHang EH216-S as World's First Type-certified eVTOL

Two-seat eVTOL can operate autonomously for passenger-carrying flights
Civil Aviation Administration of China officials issue a type certificate to EHang for its eVTOL aircraft.

Notice Updates Polar Areas of Magnetic Unreliability

Updated boundaries indicate where magnetic compasses are highly unreliable

Baldwin Adds Geolocation to Bizav Safety Reports

The feature allows pinpointing locations of safety-related events
Baldwin Safety & Compliance's new mapping feature
Unmanned Aerial Vehicles

Airbus Tests Single-stick eVTOL Flight Controls

Airbus FlightLab tests eVTOL electric flight control system
Airbus tests eVTOL flight controls

New Falcons Now Come with Ready Flight Intl Program

Software speeds operators’ international compliance
Dassault and AviationManuals executives pose in front of a Falcon 8X

Blocked Comm Eyed in B737-Cessna Citation Near Collision

Business jet overflew the airliner by about 100 feet during the incident

Aircraft Operators Face Security Uncertainty in Israel

The Ops Group has issued a "do not fly" alert warning of a shootdown risk for civil aircraft
Aircraft Operators Face Security Uncertainty In Israel

Airshare Joins ACSF Aviation Safety Action Program

Program offers confidential safety reporting for Part 91 and 135 operators
Airshare business jet

FAA Promotes Rotorcraft Bird Strike Avoidance

FAA SAIB counsels helicopter owners, operators on bird strike strategies
Helicopter birdstrike

Russian Missile Tests Could Threaten Airspace Safety

Several international airlines have flown across airspace along Russia's north coast in recent days
Russia's Yuzhny Island in the Barents Sea

Safety Talk: NBAA's Carr on Tackling Today's Challenges

Mental health and workforce remain pressing safety issues in business aviation.
Doug Carr, NBAA’s senior v-p of safety, security, sustainability, and international operations

AINsight: Deadly Distractions on the Flight Deck

It's a myth that humans can multitask, warns the NTSB
Radio tower with guy wires

Increasing Fake GPS Signals Near Iran Prompt FAA Alert

Ops Group has tracked at least 20 such spoofing incidents
Ops Group depiction of Embraer Legacy 650 off course after GPS spoofing (Image: Ops Group)

TBM Owners and Pilots Convention Breaks Records

Hundreds of attendees and TBM aircraft flocked to Colorado
TBMs lined up on ramp

Hangar Rash Prevention System Heading to Beta Test

Fyve By Is looking to recruit hangar keepers to test the new system.
Fyve By's test hangar for its Sky View system