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Flexjet S-76 Helo To Make Waves at Florida Boat Show

Company to show rotorcraft at yachting show in Florida this weekend
Sikorsky S-76 helicopter

The Resurgence of Sikorsky's Helibus

Sikorsky readies production ramp-up for its S-92 heavy twin
Sikorsky S-92
Maintenance and Modifications

USCG Begins Sikorsky Jayhawk Rebuilding Program

Coast Guard will rebuild 45 Jayhawks with new airframes
MH-60T Jayhawk helicopter
Regulations and Government

Coulson Wins $16 Million SoCal Firefighting Contract

Coulson will fly firefighting CH-47s for California's Quick Reaction Force
Coulson CH-47
Maintenance and Modifications

Broken Supply Chain Hobbles Offshore S-92 Operators

Aircraft's dispatch reliability plummets as safety concerns rise
An S-92 helicopter (Photo: Bristow)

NTSB: S-64 Descending as It Collided with Bell 407

Firefighting helicopters took different routes around terrain before collision
Path taken by S-64 and Bell 407 helicopters before midair collision

Sikorsky Black Hawk: 21st Century Chapter in PZL Mielec's Storied History

Poland’s PZL Mielec not only builds the Sikorsky Black Hawk, but it serves as a major supplier to Lockheed Martin’s F-16 program.
A pair of Sikorsky Black Hawks grace the tarmac outside PZL Mielec's factory in Poland.

Sikorsky Pushes X2 For NATO NextGen Rotorcraft

Sikorsky has teamed with Leonardo to investigate its compound helicopter technology for NATO's Next Generation Rotorcraft Capability program.
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Sikorsky CEO Vows Continued Support for Discontinued S-76 Helicopters

Paul Lemmo said Sikorsky would continue product support for S-76 and seek customers for the S-92A+.
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Sikorsky Seeks To HEX eVTOL Competitors

Sikorsky and GE developing large, fully-autonomous hybrid electric eVTOL demonstrator.
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