Chris Pocock
Defense Correspondent

Chris Pocock has been covering the defense beat for AIN for over 30 years. He is a British citizen and a graduate of the University of Cambridge. Chris worked in the air cargo business for ten years before becoming a full-time writer in 1983. He subsequently edited two air cargo journals before becoming AIN’s Defense Editor. He retired from that position in 2018, but still contributes to the publication. Chris has written extensively on aerial reconnaissance, including four books on the history of the U-2 spyplane. He also lectures on this and other topics related to intelligence-gathering in the Cold War.

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Maintenance and Modifications

ST Engineering Reaping Benefits of AI

Company makes use of proprietary algorithms for maintenance among other activities
ST Engineering

ST Engineering Lands First Customer for Airfish WIG Craft

A Turkish company intends to acquire 10 Airfish vehicles for tourist operations
ST Engineering's Airfish 3 is on display at the Singapore Airshow 2024

Republic of Singapore Air Force Prepares for New Threats

The Republic of Singapore Air Force projected a strong presence at the Singapore Airshow
RSAF Apache AH-64D

'Propel' Highlights Singapore’s Thriving Aerospace Ecosystem

Commemorative book explains the history of Singapore’s aerospace industry
Propel launch

Singapore To Boost SMEs and Decarbonization

Singapore's government promotes new initiatives at the air show's opening ceremony
Singapore Airshow 2024 opening ceremony Monday evening

Changi East Rises As Paya Lebar Closes

Changi East ready to open as Paya Lebar closes in the mid-2030s
An impression of Changi Airport's giant new Terminal 5, with the third runway to the right and the existing terminals in the background.

Patriot Proves Counter-hypersonic Capability

Two batteries of the Raytheon SAM system sent to Ukraine immediately proved their worth, shooting down Russia’s vaunted Kinzhal hypersonic missile.
Rayhteon Patriot

Honeywell Signs MoU with Aeralis for F124 Engine

Honeywell is offering its extensive product line for military applications, including non-ITAR solutions.
Aeralis modular trainer

Europe Next-Gen Air Combat System Far from Settled

France, Germany, and Spain have made slow progress on their Future Combat Air System amid workshare tussles and timescale differences.
Next-Generation Fighter mock-up

PBS and Ivchenko Sign MoU for Small Turbojet

A partnership between PBS and Ivchenko aims to build a new turbine engine for small UAVs and cruise missiles.

Dassault: 'We’ll Build Our Own Cloud'

Dassault Aviation and Dassault Systèmes will collaborate on a sovereign cloud for Europe that will have particular relevance to defense projects.
Eric Trappier and Bernard Charle

New Inertial Nav System Solves GPS Vulnerability

Flare Bright has developed a small new inertial navigation system that can substitute for vulnerable GPS receivers.
Flare Bright INS software

A New Diamond Monitors Fires, Floods And More

The Diamond Aircraft DA62MPP Vanguard carries a new multiband sensor for environmental surveillance.
Diamond DA62MPP Vanguard

BAE Systems Offers New-Tech EW System for Export

The Storm EW system can protect diverse platforms against proliferating advanced air defense systems.
Belgian F-16

Pannoramix Satcom Antenna Captures Multi-band Birds

Greenerwave has unveiled the Pannoramix multibeam ground antenna, which can communicate with a variety of satellites and frequencies.
Article image

Lockheed Martin's Airship Goes Private

AT2 Aerospace has taken control of Lockheed Martin’s Hybrid Airship project.
bulbous proportions of AT2

Sustainable Aviation Fuels: The Numbers Just Don't Add Up

A weighty scientific report raises doubts about net-zero alternatives to jet fuel.
sustainable aviation fuel

MBDA Accelerates Missile Production in Response to Ukraine War

The Anglo-French company’s orderbook has also been swelled by major sales in the UAE and Poland.

Dassault Soars as Falcon, Rafale Order Book Swells

Dassault posted a €830 million profit in 2022 while its order book swelled to 87 Falcon business jets and 164 Rafale fighter jets.
Dassault Falcon 6X in flight over clouds

Malaysia Chooses Korean FA-50 As Singapore Adds More F-35s

Coincidentally on the same day, neighbors Malaysia and Singapore announced new buys of combat aircraft.

Skunk Works To Display Darkstar from Top Gun: Maverick at Edwards Airshow

Fact and fiction have combined to create a top-draw attraction, as Lockheed Martin’s hypersonic creation for the "Top Gun: Maverick" movie goes public.
Article image

Inzpire Offers Multi-Domain Operations Training Out of a Box

Inzpire delivers tactical multi-domain operational training from a ruggedized case containing all the necessary materials.
Article image

Lockheed Martin Offering Defiant, Raider Technology to NATO Countries

The Sikorsky SB>1 Defiant and S-97 Raider helicopters would bring new rotorcraft technology to NATO member countries.

Ambitious Schedule Set for Turkey’s Stealth Fighter

Turkey TF-X stealth fighter showed up at the Farnborough Airshow in full-scale mockup form.
Article image

Sixth-gen Radar Slated for Tempest Fighter Program

The new radar for the Tempest fighter will incorporate higher power, smaller circuits, and gallium arsenide processors.

RAF Will Offer New Contracts For Uncrewed Aircraft Systems

The service has terminated Project Mosquito in favor of alternative approaches that could advance uncrewed aircraft more quickly.
Article image

British Partners Outline Details of Hypersonic Research Effort

Reaction Engines is leading a hypersonic technology partnership between the Royal Air Force, two UK government agencies, and Rolls-Royce.
Article image

RAF Wedgetail Program Taking Off

The conversion of three Boeing 737 airframes for the AEW&C role is proceeding at the UK facility of STS Aviation Services.
Article image

Ascent Flight Training

Ascent Flight Training
Article image

Cost Reductions Make F-35 a Winner in Europe

The acquisition cost now matches fourth-generation fighters, and operations plus sustainment costs are following, according to Lockheed Martin.
Article image