NoFlyZone Offers Drone Privacy Zones for Homeowners

 - February 18, 2015, 4:21 PM

Recently launched NoFlyZone offers homeowners a way to sign up to a database that marks their property as a no-fly zone for drone operations. Drone manufacturers and operators that agree to use the database can incorporate the NoFlyZone data in geo-fencing software that restricts where drones can fly. Such software currently prevents some drones from operating near major airports, for example, or above certain altitudes.

NoFlyZone is providing the data and an application programming interface for free to drone manufacturers. Companies that are participating with NoFlyZone include DroneDeploy, Ehang, Hexo+, PixiePath, RCFlyMaps and Yuneec. For now, homeowners can set their address as a no-fly zone, but the company is adding customized airspace access preferences, such as excluding camera drones but allowing package-delivery drones.

Some features will be part of a paid premium package, but those who register with NoFlyZone this month will receive two years of service for free. “We’re trying to create a tool for the public to interact in a productive way with drones,” said NoFlyZone founder Ben Marcus, a radio control enthusiast, ATP-rated pilot and co-founder of aircraft brokerage JetAviva. “It’s important for the development of the drone industry [to have a] way for drones to understand what airspace they can fly in.”