Paris Air Show

Crane's Transformers Selected for Comac C919, Gulfstreams

 - June 15, 2015, 2:05 PM

Crane Aerospace & Electronics (Hall 4 A178) has announced that its transformer rectifier units (TRUs) have been selected by Parker Aerospace for the Comac C919 narrowbody and by Gulfstream for its new G500 and G600 business jets.

For the C919’s horizontal stabilizer motor control electronics, Parker has chosen the Eldec auto TRU. This is a “lightweight AC-DC converter with high efficiency and low distortion that converts aircraft AC power to high voltage DC at a continuous 1,500 Watts,” according to its manufacturer.

Gulfstream has picked Crane’s Eldec TRU, five of which will provide DC bus power throughout the G500/G600. The 250 Amp TRU offers a 115-volt AC three-phase current at 400-Hz input, with 28-volt DC output power. The airframer uses the same TRU on the G650.