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EDAC Technologies Inks Long-term Agreements with Snecma

 - June 14, 2015, 11:20 AM

Cheshire, Connecticut-based EDAC Technologies has entered into two long-term manufacturing contracts with Snecma, the U.S. company announced earlier this month. The companies structured the long-term agreements to support the development and production of outer guide vanes and bleed valve ducts for CFM International’s Leap 1-A and Leap 1-B turbofans. EDAC places the value of the deals at $150 million.

One of two engine choices for customers of the Airbus A320neo, the Leap 1-A flew aboard the first flight test vehicle on May 19. The Leap 1-B, the sole-source powerplant for the Boeing 737 Max, began flight testing aboard CFM partner GE’s Boeing 747 testbed on April 29.