SCAC Introduces ‘Electronic Passport’ for SSJ100

 - December 31, 2018, 10:00 AM
Forty engineers monitor SSJ100 movements 24 hours a day at SCAC’s new Operational Situation Center in Moscow.

Sukhoi Civil Aircraft (SCAC) has approved plans to introduce a proprietary software package designed to store and process data for all components of the SSJ100 to assess aircraft flight readiness. Called the Aircraft Electronic Passport (AEP), the package is a reworked version of similar software introduced on indigenous aircraft by Russian lessor Ilyushin Finance Company (ILC). Initial plans call for implementing the new package on SSJ100s in operation with two airline customers. Should the program prove successful, the AEP would eventually appear on the entire SSJ100 fleet.

Speaking with AIN, SCAC president Alexander Roubtsov, who also heads IFC, said SCAC has entered a contract with a Russian IT provider to jointly develop and introduce the AEP. “This is a service that we had previously tried on a different data management platform; it used to be ICAR,” he explained, referring to a data management program developed by Russian IT firm Comsoft. “That previous experience and findings made during its practical implementation were taken into account to produce a more modern and advanced software package running on a more modern computer platform.”

The program not only runs faster but it also allows for interaction with databases of SCAC’s suppliers, including those in foreign countries. The AEP stores and processes digital information on all components of a particular aircraft, including vendor items, to access its flight readiness and technical condition. The software also stores and processes vital information gathered during the airplane’s lifetime including failures, malfunctions, repairs, and parts replacements.

“In a processed form, all this information is being fed to SCAC so our engineers can access condition of the given aircraft in a real-time mode, and our MRO specialists can plan their actions how to keep the aircraft intact,” Roubtsov said. Meanwhile, the software allows for an analysis of the performance of the aircraft in general and its components in particular to support preventive maintenance. The AEP software can integrate with the SSJ100’s in-flight health-monitoring system to help SCAC engineers plan corrective actions in case malfunctions arise.

“[The AEP provides for] better knowledge of our airplanes, since by using this software we can see through the airplane and assess its technical condition from within, taking account of all parts with restrictions or limitations on calendar life, number of cycles, or working hours,” explained Roubtsov. Ultimately, SCAC hopes the software will not only ease maintenance but also aid in remarketing the airplanes. The AEP also allows for stricter control over how airlines operate their aircraft and counterfeit parts prevention. “Regretfully, counterfeit is still alive,” said Roubtsov. “Surely, the electronic passport will help us fight it.”


Karnozov , Any details on PS-90A3M engine that will power the IL-96-400M project ? This wont be the PS-90A1

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