Pemco Launches Full Conversion Program for 737-700

 - February 6, 2019, 10:47 AM

Pemco Conversions has launched a passenger-to-full-freighter conversion program for the Boeing 737-700, the first of which would enter service with Bahraini non-scheduled cargo operator Texel Air, the Tampa-based maintenance, modifications, and engineering company announced Wednesday. Texel’s parent company, Chisholm Enterprises, collaborated with Pemco to develop the conversion for use out of Bahrain International Airport. Chisholm also served as the launch customer for Pemco’s 737-700 FlexCombi converted freighter, a supplemental type certificate for which remains pending.  

“As we developed the B737-700 FlexCombi conversion, our understanding of their requirements grew, allowing us to implement comprehensive solutions that enhanced our vision of the B737-700 full freighter, making Chisholm the ideal launch customer for this conversion,” said Pemco director for conversion programs Mike Andrews.

Pemco plans to receive a 737-700 for full freighter modification at its headquarters in Tampa during the second quarter of this year. The company plans to amend its pending application with the FAA for the 737-700FC STC to accommodate the full freighter conversion in an effort to streamline the approval process. After gaining FAA approval, Pemco plans to certify both 737-700 conversion programs with the European Aviation Safety Agency and the Civil Aviation Administration of China.