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Sichuan Airlines' New A350s Will Feature Thales's Core IFE

 - February 11, 2020, 4:48 AM

Sichuan Airlines has selected the Thales Core IFE inflight entertainment system for its fleet of Airbus A350 airliners that are set to enter service during the fourth quarter of 2021. The Chinese carrier will operate the new widebodies in a two-class cabin configuration with 17-inch displays for business class seats and 12-inch displays for economy passengers.

All displays will feature the French manufacturer’s latest Select graphical user interface, which it says gives a highly intuitive user experience. Sichuan’s passengers will be to use a wide range of current applications and select from an extensive collection of television shows, movies, music, and games.

Thales developed the Core IFE system from its Avant IFE platform with improved configuration and content delivery processes and reduced cost of ownership. It will also provide product support for Sichuan Airlines, which is already a customer for the Avant system on existing A350 aircraft and also for the flight management system on its A320 and A330 fleets.

According to Thales, around 1 million airline passengers use its IFE equipment each day. The displays can be customized with each carrier’s own branding.