New developments at airports including regulations and noise issues; legal disputes; openings, acquisitions and mergers.

Jun 17, 2021 - 12:37 PM
Million Air is suing Westchester County for $30 million for refusing to greenlight construction of its planned second hangar at Weschester County Airport.
Manchester Airport
Jun 17, 2021 - 9:27 AM
Ryanair and Manchester Airport Group are demanding a full judicial review of the UK's Covid travel restrictions.
Jun 7, 2021 - 9:51 AM
Ross Aviation broke ground last week on a 56,000-sq-ft hangar and two adjacent 3,000-sq-ft office buildings at its Scottsdale, Arizona Municipal Airport.
Jun 4, 2021 - 11:37 AM
Russia's St. Petersburg Pulkovo International Airport is a hub of business aviation activity this week during the International Economic Forum.
Jun 1, 2021 - 11:26 AM
Orlando Melbourne International Airport will be renamed, settling a years-long dispute, with the Greater Orlando Aviation Authority.
Wembley Stadium
May 26, 2021 - 12:07 PM
The rescheduled finals of the 2020 UEFA soccer tournament is set to begin June with 51 matches hosted by 12 European cities.
May 26, 2021 - 10:14 AM
International Air Transport Association director general Willie Walsh warned of “chaos” at airports if governments don’t agree on digitalization measures.
May 25, 2021 - 11:30 AM
Astute Covid-19 risk management by the UAE authorities has created conditions for firm to prosper
May 19, 2021 - 8:10 AM
Starting June 25, LPV approaches at UK airports will be removed following the cessation on that date of the UK’s participation in EGNOS.
Hangar under construction at London Oxford Airport
May 17, 2021 - 9:47 AM
The UK’s London Oxford Airport has embarked on a major infrastructure project, the centerpiece of which will be a hangar.