New EU Aviation Emissions Trading Scheme List Released

 - December 22, 2009, 8:32 AM
The European Commission has published a new provisional list of operators who are required to submit plans for monitoring, reporting and verifying carbon emissions under the European Union emissions trading scheme (EU-ETS). The list is intended to give operators extra time to prepare and file plans ahead of the planned publication of a full updated list in February. Once this list is published, operators will be held to an eight-week deadline for filing plans. The list outlines for operators which of the national authorities in one of the 27 European Union states they have been assigned to for EU-ETS administration. Meanwhile, Universal Weather & Aviation has launched its new EU-ETS resource Web site, aimed at providing operators updated information and advice about emissions trading. This resource site includes a three-step process that outlines how operators can comply with the EU-ETS program, as well as aviation emission calculators for fuel consumption.