Isle of Man FBO Promises EU-ETS, VAT Savings

 - November 6, 2012, 3:04 PM

Private Jet Company (PJC), a new $4 million FBO due to open next week on the Isle of Man, is promising substantial savings for aircraft operators using it as a transit point in and out of the European Union (EU). Since the British Crown Dependency is outside the EU, it claims it can provide savings of up to 60 percent from reduced exposure to the cost of the EU Emissions Trading Scheme charges.

PJC said it can also help operators avoid value-added tax (typically around 20 percent in Europe) on aircraft importation, as well as on fuel and services such as handling. These savings can be achieved when Part 91 operators temporarily assign their aircraft to the management of the company, according to PJC. The arrangement also provides additional savings from the discounts that PJC has negotiated with suppliers around Europe.

The new FBO itself is located north of the main Isle of Man runway, which has ILS at both ends and was extended in recent years to 6,000 feet with a runway-end safety area on reclaimed land. PJC says its handling rates will be at least 10 percent lower than prices at rival Irish airport Shannon.