FAA Proposes New Policy on Flight Procedures, Airspace

 - March 27, 2015, 8:06 AM

The FAA proposed Order 8260.19G, asking for comments on new national guidance for all FAA personnel responsible for implementing the U.S. flight procedures and airspace program. The proposal, which would supersede 8260.19F, also provides guidance for the military and other government agencies to use when interacting with the FAA regarding instrument flight procedures. Those procedures often determine the alignment and location of navigation facilities as well as the location, marking and lighting of airport landing and maneuvering areas.

Proposed changes include removal of “DME” from approach procedures that previously included that acronym in their name. In addition, the proposal would change the naming routine for instrument procedures using “VOR/DME RNAV” to read “RNAV (VOR/DME)." The proposal also offers guidance to determine the current magnetic variation (MV), as well as how to calculate the future MV for use in instrument procedure design and publication.

Comments on the proposal are due from industry groups by April 10, 2015. final order is expected to be released this summer.